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We Build, Grow and Manage 360 Aspects of Your Brand.

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We Really Understand The Needs of Today's Business People

We provide an end-to-end solution for all of your problems ​in the online Market place. Whether you are a brand owner ​with no teams or you need your team to get trained by ​our specialized  Professionals, we got it all.



PPC Coaching
& Team Training

Our Promise

We Will Make Sure Your Brand and Business ​Can be Reached by Many Audiences

5 Years Of Experience

We assure growth at every stage of your ​brand's life cycle. Our experience will Reduce ​your Risk in any given situation and make the ​process smooth. We have assisted a number ​of businesses facing the challenges of ​managing the eCommerce Marketplace ​Accounts by offering customized solutions.

Professional Team In the Feild

We assists our clients with their Personal ​Brand Manager along with a team of people ​to work on their needs for high speed ​Execution.

Comprehensive ​Support

For dynamic support providing we use Private ​group Assistance with channels like SLACK, ​WhatsApp (according to the client convenience). ​Any Urgent requirements from the team is ver ​accessable with these apps for our ​Partners/Clients.

The world’s best brands use Regro Media

We Are A Verified Partner Agency

Regro Media’s team of certified experts will help your brand soar on Amazon with killer strategies, full-service management, and top-notch advertising solutions. Get ready for long-term growth and profits. Regro Media is the real deal!

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Client case studies so good, even your mother-in-law will be impressed!


Increase in Total Quaterly Revenue

Increase in Total Monthly Revenue


The Challenge-Organic Ranking

The main challenge we faced were there Keyword distribution. They had very less Organic keywords being rnked for there Maximum ASINS, so SEO Played major role here.

If we are getting 1 sales through Ads we should aim at getting 4 sales organically in next 3 months in order to justify its organic ranking.

From $66k To $100k

in Just 30 Days at 11% Tacos

$2.8 Million in 12 Months

with a TACOS of Less than 4%


Decrease in Total ACOS in 12 Months

Increase in Total Yearly Revenue


The Challenge- Lot Of SKU's

The main challenge that we see sellers face is they list a lot of product and then loose focus as they cant manage so many SKU’s at same time.

As a Advertiser we can control the quality of traffic and the traffic we bring but it will be always your listings job to convert that traffic to sale.


Decrease in Total ACOS in 30 Days

Increase in Total Monthly Revenue


New Product launch case study

This is a new product that we launched from ground zero, with multiple changes in A+ content ,Brand Story for better Conversion rate , To deliver results shown in the video.

Amazon's honeymoon period for sellers is like a rollercoaster ride - exciting, but unpredictable! so always focus on Conversion rate and listing optimisation.

From $480 To $6300

Product Launch Result in 60 Days

From $197k to $251k

With Just 4.5% TACOS in 30 days


Decrease In Total ACOS in 30 days

Increase in Total Monthly Revenue


The Challenge-un-Optimized Listigs

Listing optimization on Monthly Basis is crucial for Amazon sellers because it boosts visibility, improves search ranking, and drives sales by making their products more attractive to potential customers.

Listing optimization is like giving your product a beauty makeover for the Amazon prom. And just like in high school, being popular (i.e., ranking higher) can lead to a lot of attention (i.e., sales).

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35+ Team Members
100 Mill USD+ in Revenue Managed
Managing 60+ Brands Actively
2 Mill USD+ In Ad Spent
Solving All Amazon Problems

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