Advertising Management

Regro Media has been Awarded as the Best Performing agency for Q1 by Amazon itself.Our Team of Experts has Been certifed To handle any Adverse Problems and solve it .

  • Conversion Based Bid Optimization

  • New Item Bid Optimization

  • Negative Keyword Research

  • Budget Allocation Adjustment

  • Novel Negative KW Research
  • Campaign Structure Checks
  • New ASINs Added
  • Positive Keyword Optimization
  • Keyword Mining
  • Pull Amazon Reports & Review
  • Weekly Status call with Brand
  • Novel Negative KW Research
  • Campaign Structure Checks
  • Positive Keyword Optimization
  • Product Page Optimization Feedback
  • Headline Search Ad Copywriting Test
  • Display Ad Targeting Optimization
  • Positive Keyword Research
  • Monthly 3rd Party Campaign Audit
  • Seasonality Optimization
  • Sponsored Display Optimization
  • Sponsored Product Optimization
  • Sponsored Brand Campaign Optimization
  • Secret Sauce

Images & Creatives

We can help ,whether its A+ content listing images or Premium A+ Content, our experts are experienced To generate High Converting creatives.

  • Talented Amazon product photographers
  • Diverse, professional models
  • White background Amazon photography
  • Original Amazon infographics
  • Lifestyle and candid product photography

Training & Coaching

Learn The Top Strategies we used ForManaging Over $150+ Million In Revenue. Join the Top 10% of Amazon Sellers making Profits with great ROI & Conversion Rate

  • Deep Dive keyword Research

  • Listing Optimisation

  • Campaign Creation

  • Understanding Ads

  • Advanced SEO by Undersatnding Ranking Juice
  • Mastering External Traffic
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Bulk Operations
  • Design ,CTR & CVR
  • Understanding Data from Advertising Reports
  • Advanced PPC Startegies
  • Search Query Performance for PPC

SEO & Listing optmisation

We understand the importance of SEO in maximizing your Amazon listing's potential and Help securing the highest Ranking Juice in your niche with our advanced Help!