Increase your sales by Doing Listing Audit


Bottom Line: an Amazon listing audit will do wonders for your conversion rate, profit, and overall sales figures. Poorly optimized Amazon listings leak sales to your competitors, and struggle to rank with Amazon SEO.

To optimize your Amazon listing, focus on three areas: keyword optimization, sales copy and images, using the audit method we outline in this post

Your bad product listing is costing you money.

Many sellers have low-quality, poorly optimized Amazon product listings. the result of a bad listing is:


  • Fewer conversions from people who click through to your listing
  • Wasted ad spend from TRAFFIC
  • More sales for your competitors
  • Low keyword rankings
  • Missed keyword opportunities
  • Negative customer reviews


The good news is, poorly optimized product listings are often quite easy to fix. This should be one of the first initiatives you try to INCREASE SALES, and something you look at before you start driving external traffic to your listing.


This Video below will help you conduct a listing audit yourself, by showing you the most common mistakes and how to fix them to optimize your product listing correctly.

DAY 2 Preview: Finding a Product Idea - Narrowing down your Research

Amazon Listing Audit Overview

There are three categories to cover in a listing audit.

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Sales copy
  • Product images

Amazon listing optimization means ensuring you’re covering all relevant keywords, your listing is set up to sell shoppers on your product, and your images clearly show your product and features of your product.


Before spending anything on paid ads, analyze these three areas and make sure they are fully optimized.

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