EP-9: PPC Roundtable - Understanding Day Parting with three Brands doing $180k, $400k, $10k/month

How to Access Hourly Ads and Organic Data from Amazon for your Brand.....

Welcome to the new episode of PPC Roundtable where we’re discussing Day parting today,

In this episode of PPC Round Table, we explore the concept of day parting—a strategy that involves breaking down the day into segments to optimize Amazon PPC performance.

Understanding Day Parting:

Essentially, it’s about dividing the day into different hours and examining how ads perform during these times. This allows advertisers to adjust their strategies based on when their ads are most effective.

Accessing Data:

The discussion then moves to the types of data needed for day parting. We talk about how to access this data through Seller Central and other advertising platforms. The key is to gather detailed information on sales and ad performance for each hour of the day.

Analyzing Data:

We provide a practical example by analyzing a brand that generates $500,000 monthly. By breaking down the sales data by hour, we identify peak times when sales are highest. This analysis helps in making informed decisions about when to allocate the advertising budget for maximum impact.

Budget Management:

Next, we delve into managing budgets based on hourly performance. Mr. S shares strategies for adjusting budgets throughout the day, including resetting budgets at midnight to ensure they are optimized for peak hours. We also discuss a practical example of a brand and how it can allocate its budget more efficiently during the most productive times.

Case Studies and Manual Optimization:

To make the concept more relatable, we review a case study of a smaller account with monthly sales of $8,000 to $9,000. This case study illustrates how even small accounts can benefit from day parting. We also cover manual optimization techniques, providing an overview of methods that can be used to fine-tune PPC campaigns based on hourly data.

Implementing Budget Rules:

One of the key sections of the episode is about using Amazon’s budget and bid rules for day parting. Mr. S gives a step-by-step guide on setting up these rules in Amazon’s campaign manager. This part is crucial for listeners who want to implement day parting in their own campaigns.

Advanced Optimization Strategies:

Towards the end, we explore advanced techniques for optimizing PPC campaigns. This includes the use of bulk operations and the importance of accurate data analysis. Mr. S emphasizes the need to continuously monitor and adjust campaigns based on the latest data to stay ahead of the competition.

Conclusion and Additional Resources:

We wrap up the episode by summarizing the key points discussed and highlighting the importance of hourly data analysis for optimizing ad performance. Mr. S provides information on where listeners can find more detailed guides and tutorials to help them implement these strategies in their own campaigns.

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