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6 lakhs To 10 Lakhs

in Just 30 Days less Tacos

  • Increase in sales 337,259.00
  • Increase in Organic sales: 261,045.00
  • Decrease in Ad spent: 1,028.00
  • Decrease in ACOS: 19.23%
  • Decrease in TACOS: 2.07

"Turn Your 6 Lakhs into 10 Lakhs in 30 Days with a Whopping 3.9% TACOS Boost!"

"With a 3.9% TACOS boost, unlock the potential of your savings and achieve your financial goals in just 30 days. Start now and watch your 6 lakh investment quickly increase to 10 lakhs!

This Brand Is Doing 2.5 Million USD in Travel Niche, for this client, we had the challenge of distributing specific budgets for only BRAND PROTECTION, BRANDING, and DOMINATION where 98% of sales were coming through sponsored product campaigns

so what did we do?

1) We identified the top relevant sets of keywords for which it ranked organically on the first page

2) We identified the most converting search terms from the last 60 Days

3) We identified the top performing placements

4) We observed and put together all the data provided from BRAND ANALYTICS (market basket analysis, combined with Frequently bought together From helium 10)

"Skyrocket Your Sales to USD 2.5 Million: See How We Did It in Our Latest Client Case Study!"

"Discover how we helped our client reach USD 2.5 million in sales. Learn from their success story in our latest case study."


Client case study

From 3 Lakhs To 7 Lakhs

In Just 30 Days

  • within 30 days we were able to get its Advertising sales to Almost 300 % Increase while showing a week-on-week Decrease in ACOS.

    while the Total sales Increased By more than 150%

"From 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs in 30 Days: Let Our Proven Strategy Take Your Amazon Brand to New Heights!"

"Boost your Amazon brand from 3 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs in just 30 days with our proven strategy. Experience success and reach new heights with your brand today."

  • ACOS:12.93%
  • Ad spent:76,857
  • TACOS: 2% (that means for selling each product worth 100 Rs you are spending 2 Rs )
  • Increase in Sales:Rs: 10,88,856


"Triple Your Monthly Earnings from 20 Lakhs to 64 Lakhs with a Boost from 1.2% TACOS!"

"Maximize your monthly income with a simple boost from 1.2% TACOS. Transform your 20 Lakh earnings into 64 Lakhs and reach your financial goals faster."

From 20 Lakhs/Month to 64 Lakhs

with 1.2% TACOS

From 2 Lakhs/Month to 7.5 Lakhs

with 2.5% TACOS

    • Increase in sales Rs. 4,60,132 (300%)
    • Decrease in TACOS: 5.9% to 2.5% to 1.9% (More than 50%)
    • ACOS: 24.47%

"Empower Your Wallet with 2.5% TACOS - Raise Your Monthly Income from 2 Lakhs to 7.5 Lakhs Today!

2.5% TACOS is a financial tool that can significantly increase an individual's monthly income. Individuals can increase their monthly earnings from 2 lakhs to 7.5 lakhs by using this tool. This tool is intended to give users the ability to take control of their finances and achieve financial independence. 2.5% TACOS is the solution you've been looking for if you want to increase your monthly income or increase your savings. So, why bother? Begin transforming your finances right now!

  • INCREASE in sales: 1,20,285 (28%)
  • Decrease in TACOS: 6%
  • Decrease in Ad Spent: 18,359 (26%)
  • DECREASE in ACOS: 16.55%


"Supplements are selling like hotcakes, but TACOS are on the rise - enjoy a 30% sales increase with 6% fewer TACOS!"

A 30% increase in supplement sales with a 6% drop in TACOS is the result of a successful financial strategy. Get the best of both worlds - boost your sales and save money with this innovative approach.

30% Increase in sales with

6% Drop in TACOS for Supplement


IN Amazon Sales in 30 days

 This client is in the Home and Furnishing niche

  • Ad Spend: ₹ 50,760
  • ACoS: 16.04% TACoS: 7.44%
  • Increase in Sales: ₹ 3,14,629 85%

     Growth in Month on Month sales

"Amazon Sales Soar to New Heights - 90% Increase in Just 30 Days!"

90% increase in Amazon sales within 30 days is a remarkable achievement. Experience a shopping frenzy like never before with this incredible boost in sales.

  • well with Q4 and Great Indian sales a lot of sellers have seen a drastic drop in traffic, similarly for a lot of our clients as well, so for this client, it was a sales drop not only for Less traffic but also for a rank drop, so in this video for this amazon client, we took a few action steps that we disclosed in the detail What we did to recover? How to check amazon keyword ranking and track ranking How to Rank your amazon product How to run amazon Ads on Great Indian sales What PPC strategies we tried How to get a lot of sales in Great Indian sales & Q4 Amazon ads for q4 and Great Indian sale

         What we did do to recover?

    • How to check amazon keyword ranking and track ranking
    • How to Rank your amazon product
    • How to run amazon Ads on Great Indian sale
    • What PPC strategies we tried
    • How to get a lot of sales in Great Indian sales & Q4
    • Amazon ads for q4 and Great Indian sale

"The Sales Dip Solution - 33 Lakhs to 27 Lakhs - Get Your Numbers Back Up!"

A sales drop from 33 lakhs to 27 lakhs is a challenge, but the solution is here. Explore our case study for a proven solution to boost your sales and get your numbers back up.

From 33 lakhs to 27 Lakhs

Solution & Casestudy

From USD 197,000 to USD 251,000

with 4.5% TACOS

How are you preparing for Q4?

This is a question I get a lot, but what I say is…

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY PREPARATIONS? and you already finished all preparations yet?

Preparations with inventory have to be finished a couple of months before the Actual traffic starts.

But one thing we all Amazon Brand notice is a drop like 10-20% in sales and traffic in listings

This is a case study of one of our clients which went from 197k when we took it to 252k in 30 days with 16% ACOS and 4.56% TACOS.

"TACOS Take the Lead, Sales Soar - From USD 197,000 to USD 251,000 with 4.5% TACOS!"

A sales increase from USD 197,000 to USD 251,000 with a TACOS of 4.5% is a remarkable achievement. Get the best of both worlds with this innovative financial strategy.

This Client is ready to Take the Traffic of the Great Indian Sale

Though few weeks before the sales the traffic drops drastically on amazon

But still, with continuous optimizations, this Brand was able to reduce its Ad spend as well as reduced its TACOS


  • Increase in sales 46,408.00
  • Increase in Organic sales: 33,530.00
  • Decrease in Ad spent: 13,873.00
  • Decrease in ACOS: 12.54%
  • Decrease in TACOS: 3.34%

"Supplement Brand's ACOS Solution - From 40% to 27% in Just 30 Days with 7% TACOS!"

An impressive case study of a supplement brand that reduced their ACOS from 40% to 27% in 30 days with a TACOS of 7%. This innovative solution will surely improve your business's financials.

From 40% ACOS to 27%

in 30 Days with 7% TACOS