6 Days Amazon FBA Product Research Crash Course

DAY 4 of 6: Product Development & Improvements Step-by-step guide...

However, we recommend digging far deeper into the reviews than simply glossing over 3-5 reviews.

One of the best ways to track demand and understand the effectiveness of a product is to head to the customer review section and read the feedback.

Use the SellerApp Chrome Extension and gather all the reviews for a specific product. You can filter by verified purchases to gather insights from the actual buyers and filter the reviews by star rating, text/video/image reviews, and even geography.

More importantly, use the Product Scanner Feature to gather the average ratings and reviews for all the products at the category or subcategory level to understand the overall demand.

Product Development & Improvement

In addition to Demand, you must deep dive into the niche and understand customer sentiment to understand your product has potential.

Look for Products with a low review count (About 2-3 Products With < 50 Reviews on Page 1)

Studying reviews is a necessary part of product research.

With this research, you can understand whether the product is effectively solving the customer’s pain point but it will also help you understand gaps in the competitive landscape that you can take advantage of.

For example, if you keep reading that Product X would be more easier to use with Feature Y. You could implement Feature Y into your product and sell it to capture market share from your customer.

Of course, reviews also help in more a straightforward manner. By reading the reviews you can understand if there is demand for the product. The number of sellers and the number of reviews split across them also give you insight into the difficulty of entering the market.

A good rule of thumb is to make a list of the top ten keywords for the product and check the top 10 products for each of those keywords. The product is likely to sell successfully if the top 10 products have less than 100 reviews.

However, if there are more than 1000 reviews, it’s best to move on to another product. When it comes to choosing the keyword go from broad to phrase and then to exact.


Identify the Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Analyzing the product reviews and Q&A section can give you insight into not just the weaknesses and gaps with the product but also help you understand the strengths and unique selling points of the product.

Usually, if the top products already have 4.5+ ratings, there’s a high chance that these products are already “perfected”, and it will be difficult to identify gaps in the product.

But for products with less than 4.5 ratings, you can identify some negative reviews and understand the gaps in the products. Use these gaps to improve your products and tailor your product messaging.

Of course, this isn’t an absolute. You could always try to find opportunities to improve a nearly “perfect product” and launch a new one with additional features or improvements.

DAY 5 Preview: Creating the Listing Copy for Finalized Product

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