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DAY 3 of 6: Validate the selected product Step-by-step guide...

Another effective method to gauge the product demands is to understand the various keywords and search volume for those keywords. If the product keywords already attract substantial search traffic, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

As a rule of thumb, see if the top 2-3 product keywords have at least a cumulative search volume of 10,000+ to effectively understand the demand for said product. Of course, this may vary based on your product type and niche.

Note: Stay away from a product with a very high search volume, as this niche might be too competitive to capture a portion of the market share and make a decent profit.

Validate The Selected Product

Unfortunately, you need to consider seasonality as a factor when choosing to sell your product. As you can imagine, the product’s demand can fluctuate depending on the type. For example, demand for snow gloves drastically increases during winter and is non-existent in the summer season.

Some product demands also increase during specific holidays. For example, Halloween costumes or decorations.

Therefore, we recommend you get a general idea of the seasonality of the product using Google Trends. Specifically, to identify if the keyword search volume data of the product is steady across the year.

DAY 4 Preview: Product Differentiation creation - Dont sell exact same product

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