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Make Better Data Driven Discissions

Make Better Data Driven Discissions

All problems One Solution

Search term Impression share Report

Search term Report

Gross & Invalid Traffic report

Category Benchmark report

Targeting Report

Campaign Placemnet report

Keyword Report

Performance over time Report

clicks to conversion course

Amazon Advertisng reports course



Analyze Report

This course shows you how to use google sheets ,pivot tables, graphs to Analyze each reports the right way.



Identify Bad & Good

You will know exactly which are responsible for draining your profits and which can make more sales.



Take Action

You would know exact steps that you need to take after analyzing each reports and Take the right Actions.

After Handling 100’s of Brands We created this course 

To Better understand All Amazon Ads Reports & how To Use them...

35+ Team Members
110 Mill USD+ in Revenue Managed
Managing 60+ Brands
2 Mill USD+ In Ad Spent