How To Audit a 3.5 Crore Per Month Brand - Create Similar Audit For Your Brand With our Step-by-step guide...

This brand is Doing 3-3.5 Cr Per month in Sales and with an Ad-spent of 25-30 Lakhs/Month, but spending Maximum Spend Share in Excat Match campaigns ,which was costing them a CAC of almost double from what Broad ,Phrase or Broad Modifier was giving.

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Embark on an Amazon Ads adventure with the Regro Media team in the latest episode of PPC Roundtable. In this captivating journey, we delve deep into the intricacies of PPC account audits, unraveling the mysteries that can supercharge your brand’s performance on Amazon.

Essential Steps: The Detective Work Begins

Join us as we play the role of digital detectives, uncovering inefficiencies like wasted ad spend, broad targeting, and outdated product information. The quest begins with essential steps that set the stage for a high-performing Amazon presence.

B2B Flair & Column Customization: Tailoring Success

We add a touch of sophistication to the narrative by exploring the B2B perspective and column customization. It’s like tailoring a bespoke suit for your brand, ensuring a customized approach that resonates with your unique needs.

Key Metrics: The Thrilling Climax

Enter the climax of our story, where key metrics such as PPC conversion and CPA take center stage. These are the pivotal moments that determine your brand’s fate on the Amazon platform.

Balancing Act: Sales vs. Spending Shares

In the labyrinth of business reports, our heroes balance sales and spending shares, ensuring every investment contributes to the brand’s success. It’s a strategic tug-of-war with financial equilibrium as the ultimate goal.

Red Flags & Strategic Showdowns: Ad Spend Tactics

As red flags unfurl, we strategize ad spend, navigating the Sponsored Products vs. Display/Brands battlefield. Every move is a calculated step towards maximizing returns.

Spending Wisely: Smart Budgeting Unleashed

Our heroes embark on a financial odyssey, revamping Sponsored Brand Products and mastering the art of smart budgeting. It’s a journey where every penny spent is a step towards maximum impact.

Optimizing Ad Budgets: The Turning Point

The narrative takes a turn as our experts optimize ad budgets, focusing on campaigns and allocation. Picture this as the turning point where strategic decisions shape the brand’s trajectory.

Tracking Success: The Validation Moment

Success is tracked through Query Performance Reports, where keywords evolve, and data-driven strategies lead to triumph. It’s the moment of validation in our epic journey.

Data-Driven Strategies: The Triumphant Conclusion

In the final chapter, data-driven strategies take the spotlight—traffic, conversion rates, and repeat purchase behavior. The brand emerges as the protagonist in its own success story.

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Closing Scene: Thank You & Subscribe for More Insights

As the curtain falls, we express gratitude to our viewers, urging them to like, subscribe, and share the video for more insights. The journey continues in the ever-evolving world of Amazon ads.

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